Rob Kalmbach


Rob Kalmbach has built a reputation for capturing the beauty in fleeting moments. His nimble shooting style allows for rare angles + truth in the image. Most of his subjects embody a kinetic spirit, often in motion, free and colorful. Specializing in commercial and editorial work, Rob tries to find the hope and humor in just about everything. He was raised in Pennsylvania with 4 sisters and at one time 14 cats, is an Indiana University Graduate, and now lives in California.



Gene Sung


Growing up in San Diego, Gene comes from a family of artists and his early tastes were shaped by skateboarding art and graphics. Before reaching the cinematographer and director roles, he has pitched, concepted, designed, animated, edited, filmed and directed projects for many major brands. Having a strong understanding of the whole production pipeline enables him to find that unique, artistic slant. Aside from cameras, Gene loves to surf and has traveled to over 40 countries often searching for perfect waves. 


Rich Marchewka


Often seen with a camera in his hand, Rich Marchewka is passionate about capturing people at their most expressive moments. With experience in photography, commercial editing and with a people-pleasing attitude, Rich easily progressed into the role of commercial director. His work has been seen across all networks and the internet. He has helped to promote TV series like TNT’s Will with SHAQ offering Shakespearean spoilers, to support feature films such as xXx3 with short spots of Vin Diesel, and he has delivered one-time special events including Tim Robbins honoring Morgan Freeman at the Lincoln Center.